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Pitchfork: What did collage mean for you 10 years ago and what does it mean now?

Cornelius: Ten years ago I used to gather different peoples' sounds, people's samplings, and patch them together cut-and-paste. But now, I create, record each sound and put them up together.


"I just can't drink whiskey like I usta could"

Collage and the use of appropriated material is not what it used to be. Call it post-post-modern, or maybe another embrace of modernism, I'm still working through this muddy notion. Consider the following albums "Endtroducing" DJ Shadow (1996) "Carpal Tunnel Syndrom" Kid Koala (2000) and "Lost & Safe" The Books (2004). In the past 10 years, artists have been appropriating material differently than previous generations. I think the difference lies in the degree of attachment to images (or sounds). The 90's was a time marked by irony, a separation between our experience and reality. caution. Now there seems to be an embrace, or engulfing of imagery and our experience. apathy. I'd like to develop this further as a statement but for now i'll leave it as a question.