awkward exchange

Added on by Cole Pierce.
My downstairs neighbor likes to jam the late 90's idm classics. I like walking into the building and hear matmos, aphex, boc, and sometimes kraftwerk. I've been intending to make a mix cd for him because he seemed to have a decent taste in music. So when I found out he was moving, I put a mix together and went downstairs to give it to him. What followed was a very strange transaction. I knocked on the door and he yelled 'who is it?'. I answered its Cole and he repeated 'who is it?' again i stated my name and again he asked who was there and then i wondered if he knew my name and became confused at this increased security measure, so I said 'I'm your neighbor', when i should have said something about living upstairs. We say hi and whatever but never talk at length, but it still surprised me he was this cautious. Finally he opened the door and all I could say was "I made you a mix cd", and his tone flipped into a gay "thats so sweet of you, is it a going away present?" I said yes and it was for Florida and left that awkward scene.