Weird Email

Added on by Cole Pierce.
 Subject: Bobby Brown
 Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 19:16:05 +0000
Like a white dove flying blindly through an arctic blizzard, his body approached mine. Even from across the bar I could tell it was him from the horseshoe shape of his hips. I tried relaxing my clenched fists hoping not to give away my nervous excitement. There was no doubt that he was coming towards me. I looked up from the Mortal Kombat machine to meet his inviting brown eyes. His acne scars had faded substantially, but his tell-tale greased ponytail induced a wave of familiarity like none I had ever felt. I abandoned the joystick to reach out and shake his rugged, arthritic hand. Ignoring my gesture, his hand swooped around my back and pulled me close to his body. I stared cautiously into his eyes as I felt his hands reach down towards my buttocks. I felt relief and validation for my recent switch to cloth diapers. The crinkly, plastic feeling of the old diapers is now reserved for weddings, funerals, and Monday night football. His hands reached up to grip my shoulder blades as his neck extended forward to move his face up to mine. My upper lip began to tremble and snear in anticipation of his bristly, walrus-like moustache. His tongue swabbed his swollen, brown lips before they puckered and twitched just millimeters before me. I first felt the contact of the course whiskers just a half of a heartbeat before the warm rush of......uh............ uhhhhhhhhhh............ ..........uh..................................... .....just kidding dude.....I can bench like 250 lbs Seriously. and this one time, I beat up this male ballerina, seriously.
Anyway Tyler,
everybody's dying to know if you've made
any definitive plans for next year.
Cole? What about you buddy?
Peace in Belgium dude.