NUMBERS.FM Playlist 12.6.11

Added on by Cole Pierce.

Dan Gunn on Bad at Sports
sweet-spring -AllMyHeroesDiedinPrison
Être - Nicolas Jaar
Micro Forest Updraft - M. Ostermeier
roll real smooth - FAA Educational Film
Shadow Waltz - New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
SomethingSweet,SomethingTender(edit) Eric Dolphy
A relationship with the sublime - The Caretaker
Stardust Warblers-Unknown
Tall Children-solo - Conrad Freiburg
Who Is Mr Grobe? (edit) Duncan Ward
Termeil - Lake Seaworthy & Matt Rosner
Empire - Nicola Ratti
Master Wilcox Gay Recordio
foundasquee - Cole Pierce
Alien - Observer Grouper
Between Bridges - Ezekiel Honig
Musical Language (edit) - Radiolab
Skating Azure - Fourcolor
thank you - Odd Nosdam
The Most Beautiful Name - High Places
Silberstreif - Michael Rother
Attention Please - Boris
Capture This [Ii] - Byetone
ionoscan - Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto
John Cage and Morton Feldman (edit)
Lonely Owl - Gold Panda
tu machina - Javelin
California Sunrise - Dirty Gold
Chesterhill Ohio - Cole Pierce
Night Falls While The Day Breaks - Peter Finger
Blue Room - Chet Baker
Body And Soul. - Coleman Hawkins
Piano Pieces for Children, No. 2- Toru Takemitsu
Obedience - Ralph Syverson
Self Compassion - Shigeto
Soul Controller - Jeremiah Jae
Sory Bamba - L'Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti
Mapfumo - Daphni
Pirate's Caboose - Recovering the Whydah
Tumtum - Boom Bip
Repacked by Ezekiel Honig - Stephen Vitiello + Machinefabriek