NUMBERS.FM Playlist 02.29.12

Added on by Cole Pierce.
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Reflection 20:03 Ethan Rose
Tape Bell Liftoff 5:03 Cole Pierce
Piano Clockworks 18:17 Cole Pierce
Rise 12:00 *AR
Halfslaap 16:58 Machinefabriek
peeling tape 2:00 Cole Pierce
High & Low 3:51 Ezekiel Honig
The Other Side of Backwater 5:12 Ryan York
Goddess Eyes 3:25 Julia Holter
Part One 16:58 B. Fleischmann
Foggy Dew 6:10 Two Banks of Four
Reblazhenstva 7:40 Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer
Bicycles, Football, Volley And Other Sports In A Public Park, With Birds All Around 6:56Andrea Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri
Ice and Halo 7:44 Cinchel
FAA Boner :09
recorder glitch 0:52