NUMBERS.FM Playlist 03.28.12

Added on by Cole Pierce.
Nix the playlist! NUMBERS.FM broadcaster got buggy and put a 3 minute loop/delay on every 20 seconds of audio I played. So I made and impromptu live set of my own material.

Quite night of experimental radio docs, field recordings, and ambient music.

Shoals 11:28 Taylor Deupree
MURIEL (bouncé) 20:20
Meroo Lake Pt. 1 5:18 Seaworthy & Matt Rosner
blue john cave 3:27 Mari Saastamoinen
Cliffs 9:42 Mirroring
Caroline bor⁄ale 5:11 Jerome Joy
Radiator Peace 5:46 billy gomberg + offthesky
04.l2rd 7:24 Asmus Tietchens
Clay cameras 8:57 Keith de Mendonca
Sunflower Tk2 1:20 Cole Pierce
frog chorus, Australia 3:00 Hannu Jannes
Tacana 2:53 Antony Milton
Minuet - Original Mix 10:00 Stephan Mathieu
animate structures #4 (marin headlands) 15:10 John Grzinich
hot cocoa maker 2:56 Cole Pierce
Large Wolf Pack #2 1:50 Timberwolf in the Tall Pines
Chalk 9:16 Kane Ikin +David Wenngren