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NUMBERS.FM set 6.13.12

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Antigravity Certificatioin
2012 Preakness Stakes
Margaruita - Gerald Clark & His Caribbean Serenaders
I’ll have another at Belmont Park
On the Beach - Phil Cohran
Hichki - Dhodhe Khan
Usher Interview Sample
Ex the Extrax - Gerren Grand
An Old Escape (Kill Them Kill) Dabrye remix - Illum Sphere
2012 Kentucky Derby
Blow My High (Members Only) C.P.edit - Kendrick Lamar
Its a good thing - Beale Street Shriekers
First Falls - James Murray
Bicycles, Football, Volley And Other Sports in a Public Park, With Birds All Around - Andrea
Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri
Usher Interview Sample
I Will - Elephant & Castle
Diamond Ring (Deele Flip) - Mathewdavid
Sacrilegious - Schoolboy Q
Fifth Ave - Gold Panda
Rained the Whole Time (Nicholas Jaar Mix) - Shlohmo
3 year old recites Litany by Billy Collins
1.6 Una Inexplicable Exitació- Raül Fuentes
Je Voudrais Tant Que Tu Comprennes - Marie Laforet
Speechless (Kelpe Remix) - Soosh
Monkrato - Global Goon
Pocahontas - Jonwayne
Stand Up Lazarus (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix) - Bruce Haack
4. Ohm Sweet Om - Clearlight
Raphael Hythloday - Gabo Gulbenkian
Glitch - Disasterpeace
Shadow from Tartarus - Actress
Kafkatrax 2.2 Wolfgang - Voigt
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Octagon - Liars
Chwal Sen Jak Mare Nan Poto Michilene Forestal, Bois Laborde
'Closer Came The Light' - Konntinent