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Born Digital | CAM Raleigh

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LAKE ODESSA (2012) audio multiple, silk-screen print on 90lb cotton paper,
handmade cases, found paper inserts, edition of 100. Print originally designed with Mixel by Cole Pierce, based on collages by Able Parris and Paul Soulellis.

I'm pleased to announce that I have a mix CD and sound installation included in this show at CAM Raleigh, and I will be DJ'ing the opening reception. In conjunction with the Born Digital exhibition, my music mix will be released on Headphone Commute's Podcast series on January 28th.

Born Digital on view January 28 through April 30, 2012
Showcasing a growing body of contemporary art that is visitor dependent and without the use of specific interfaces like keyboards or touch screens—aspects of this exhibition are movement-driven, empowering visitors to exercise their creativity and act on their curiosity. Born Digital features the work of 12 national and international pioneers of digital and new media art. Most of the featured artworks in the exhibition employ computer vision technologies, more commonly known as interactive video. The combined use of digital video cameras and custom computer software allows each artwork to “see,” and respond to, bodies, colors and/or motion in the space of the museum. Don’t miss this museum premiere!

Born Digital contributors include: Advanced Media Lab, Jacob Ciocci, R. Luke DuBois, Channel TWo, Brent Green, Ajay Kurian, LoVid, Cole Pierce, Dennis Rosenfeld, Daniel Rozin, Scenocosme, and Karolina Sobecka

Join us for an opening preview celebration
Sweets, savories, and drinks
Friday, January 27, 2012

Members Opening 7–9 p.m.

Wear your rocket-high heels or fastest track shoes
Live DJ — Born Digital Exhibiting artist Cole Pierce

The Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois.

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You are invited to join us for the first installment of ASCII.

The Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois.

A group exposition & offering of audio multiples.

Thursday, April 28 – one night only!
8pm – 10:30pm

Back room of the California Clipper
1002 N. California (at Augusta)

Jon Bollo, EC Brown, Chris Hefner, Bruce Neal, David More, Caroline Picard, Cole Pierce, Rob Ray, Julia Rooney, Kendrick Shackleford, Paul Shortt, Edra Soto, Ralph Syverson, Bill Talsma

These participants have been invited to adhere to the following specifications:

• Multiples will be created, to be given freely or available for non-monetary barter.
• Multiples must involve recorded audio.
• No direct digital transfers can occur during the timeframe of the event itself.
• Attire shall always be elegant.

Furthermore, participants may opt to apply themselves to the “Brute Nail's Cruel Etiquette” specs:

• 23 songs.
• The first word of each will be added together to form a description of its themes (a poem, a
• paragraph, a haiku and a sentence etc. - punctuation can be added afterwards at the creator's
• All adherents must wear a blue flower (real or homemade) on the night of the event.
• Packaging should include a blue flower (marker, sticker, printed, etc).

The attached images are the prompt for this singular event.

GLI.TC/H at Transistor, Oct 1st

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I have a video screening during GLI.TC/H, please come to Transistor (5045 N. Clark St) on Friday Oct 1st.
The program is from 8 - 9PM, followed by performances from 9 - 11:30PM. Here is the schedule.

Video Program
8 PM, Friday Oct 1
5045 N. Clark St.
Chicago IL

GLI.TC/H is an international gathering of noise & new media practitioners in Chicago from September 29 thru October 03, 2010!

GLI.TC/H features: realtime audio & video performances with artists who misuse and abuse hardware and software; run-time video screenings of corrupt data, decayed media, and destroyed files; workshops and skill-share-sessions highlighting the wrong way to use and build tools; a gallery show examining glitches as processes, systems, and objects; all in the context of ongoing dialogues that have been fostered by experimentation, research, and play. GLI.TC/H is a physical and virtual assembly which stands testament to the energy surrounding these conversations.

Projects take the form of: artware, videos, games, films, tapes, code, interventions, prints, plugins, screen-captures, systems, websites, installations, texts, tools, lectures, essays, code, articles, & hypermedia.

GLI.TC/H-BUMPER from theodore darst on Vimeo.


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This weekend Danny Think Tank goes public, in the form of a group art show in a borrowed apartment. DTT is the name that my friends from grad school and I have given to the studio critiques we do 2 or 3 times a year. We were given the opportunity to exhibit work during the Milwaukee Ave Art Fest, a neighborhood festival in Logan Square (Chicago) complete with outdoor concerts and visual art exhibitions in businesses and empty storefronts. Thanks to Felix and Victor, we get to use a huge 3 bedroom apartment that is currently vacant. It came with a pink/purple bedroom and 2 taxidermied lions. We use the purple room brilliantly, but we just could not find a place for the lions. The MAAF website states me as the curator, but really I'm the project manager. The Danny Think Tank curated this show as a group. We'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday so if you're in the area please stop by. Its right above Disco City.

Press Release:
Danny Think Tank will feature recent work of 11 Chicago based artists, showcasing a survey of contemporary practices. The ongoing dialogue within Danny Think Tank will guide the curatorial decisions as the group responds to the unique location. The exhibition will take place in a vacant loft/apartment, exhibiting a collection of paintings, photography, collage, sculpture and video.

Milwaukee Ave Art Fest July 23-25

2628 N. Milwaukee Ave, 2nd floor (apartment above Disco City)
Chicago, IL
Friday - Opening 6-10pm
Sat & Sun noon-11pm

Curt Bozif
Derek Chan
Ryan Fenchel
Dan Gunn
Roxane Hopper
Lisa Majer
Stephen Nyktas
Cole Pierce
Julie Rudder
Kendrick Shackleford
Craig Yu