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A one-night-only exhibition at Floor Length and Tux

332 W. Augusta #3 front

Opening Saturday, April 14th, from 7PM - 10PM

FLAT 12 will feature new work from Cole Pierce, Angela Lopez, and Stephen Nyktas, alongside resident FLAT artists Catie Olson and EC Brown.

COLE PIERCE will create a floor of enamel-encoated floppy disks.

Cole Pierce is a Chicago-based artist who makes paintings, video installations, and audio multiples. He received an MFA in Art Theory & Practice from Northwestern University, his recent exhibition at Hinge Gallery was favorably reviewed in Modern Painters magazine, and currently has work in Born Digital at CAM Raleigh.

ANGELA LOPEZ will present a stop-animation video alongside watercolor/collages depicting the fluid relationships between humans and other species.

Angela Lopez studied painting at the Kansas City art institute. Her paintings use the exploration of alternating power struggles between humans and nature as a way to express gloomy ominous and desperate emotions. Her artwork has been featured in exhibitions at H&R Block ArtSpace, The Dolphin Gallery, in Kansas City MO, as well as Buenos Aires Argentina at Proyecto’ ace Studios and the Beasley gallery in Arizona. She premiered her first solo show, “On the Upside,” at the Urban Culture Project Space in 2009. In 2010 she curated her second exhibition “Community+Loneliness” at the Paragraph Gallery with Urban Culture Project in Kansas City Mo. Angela lives and works in her hometown of Chicago.

STEPHEN NYKTAS will create an installation consisting of found radios from different eras.

Steve Nyktas (MFA, Northwestern University, 2007) is a Chicago-based artist whose work is preoccupied by opportunities to better understand the normal world by seeing places that were never meant to be seen and to look at things as they are not meant to be; to observe a version of the everyday which exists just beneath consciousness. His work has been exhibited at Dorsky Gallery (New York, NY), Gallery Four (Baltimore, MD), Rowland Contemporary Gallery (Chicago, IL), The 22nd International Festival Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), and he is a member of the Danny Think Tank artist collective.

CATIE OLSON will present a hand-cranked automaton of a Band-Aid punching a pillow.

Catie Olson is an artist and filmmaker who organizes the Spiderbug short-film series ( She is ½ of Floor Length and Tux.

EC BROWN will present paintings of wooden capsules containing imaginary film stills with choice male actors of the 60s-70′s as terse mallard-carvers.

EC Brown is a painter and exhibition organizer who co-directed the COMA exhibition space from 2006-2008 (, and organizes the ASCII exhibition series ( He is ½ of Floor Length and Tux.

About the FLAT series:
Catie Olson and EC Brown have conducted Floor Length and Tux exhibitions from their home since February 2009. These single-evening events are the result of an extended relationship with small selections of artists.

Official Website

Born Digital | CAM Raleigh

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LAKE ODESSA (2012) audio multiple, silk-screen print on 90lb cotton paper,
handmade cases, found paper inserts, edition of 100. Print originally designed with Mixel by Cole Pierce, based on collages by Able Parris and Paul Soulellis.

I'm pleased to announce that I have a mix CD and sound installation included in this show at CAM Raleigh, and I will be DJ'ing the opening reception. In conjunction with the Born Digital exhibition, my music mix will be released on Headphone Commute's Podcast series on January 28th.

Born Digital on view January 28 through April 30, 2012
Showcasing a growing body of contemporary art that is visitor dependent and without the use of specific interfaces like keyboards or touch screens—aspects of this exhibition are movement-driven, empowering visitors to exercise their creativity and act on their curiosity. Born Digital features the work of 12 national and international pioneers of digital and new media art. Most of the featured artworks in the exhibition employ computer vision technologies, more commonly known as interactive video. The combined use of digital video cameras and custom computer software allows each artwork to “see,” and respond to, bodies, colors and/or motion in the space of the museum. Don’t miss this museum premiere!

Born Digital contributors include: Advanced Media Lab, Jacob Ciocci, R. Luke DuBois, Channel TWo, Brent Green, Ajay Kurian, LoVid, Cole Pierce, Dennis Rosenfeld, Daniel Rozin, Scenocosme, and Karolina Sobecka

Join us for an opening preview celebration
Sweets, savories, and drinks
Friday, January 27, 2012

Members Opening 7–9 p.m.

Wear your rocket-high heels or fastest track shoes
Live DJ — Born Digital Exhibiting artist Cole Pierce

Sixty Inches From the Center Review

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Having just opened in June, the bright lights and white walls of Hinge Gallery were welcoming against the coming cold on the night of November 5th. A lovely space in an ideal location among the bustle of Chicago and Damen, Hinge Gallery opened its doors for a dual artist exhibit featuring recent paintings by Cole Pierce and prints by Rusty Shackleford.

The works that greet you as you walk through the door of Hinge are two paintings by Pierce, titled “Triangle is the Strongest Shape #10” and “Triangle is the Strongest Shape #11”. The paintings are dizzying patterns made of triangles, as geometric grids that deviate in some sections. This gestures to the rigid grid interrupted by the hand-made process of art-making.

Pierce and Shackleford have known each other for a time, having been a part of an artists’ collective in years past. Although stylistically their artworks seem on opposite ends of the spectrum, the works juxtaposed made for an engaging exhibit.

When I spoke to Pierce about these works, he told me that his intention was to keep the triangle patterns as straight and as perfect as possible but as he created these works, it become about idiosyncrasies in the shape – letting imperfections happen. The paintings started as black and white paintings, but Pierce added a new perspective with color as the series went on. The paintings displayed at Hinge have gradients of color, with the patterned triangles fading from light cream to white in one painting and blue to darkest blue in the other.

Shackleford’s pieces in the exhibit are prints that utilize the relationship of gesture and found images, with the series titled Sweet Bones and Clean Secrets. Shackleford told me his process included dumpster diving for inspiration, using found objects to emote a nostalgic vibe. Tiny photographs of nature landscapes were painted, drawn, and marked upon, then blown up to become plexi-glassed prints.

Shackelford spoke of his processes and intention as concerning directed ambiguity- pushing an image into flat space and speaking to the relationship of what framing is about. The result was on full display in the works at Hinge, with pieces of nature prints paired with broken glass, cinderblocks, and neon paints. The consistency of color influences comes from within the prints, as Shackleford emphasized the importance of the presentation by painting the walls so as to create a full installation.

I was lucky enough to have to opportunity to speak to both artists during the opening, and them being friends made the discussion all the more enjoyable. They each were very different in their approach to art and speaking about their art, but the variance between the artworks held balance within the Hinge Gallery.

- Amanda Mead

Sixty Inches From the Center

Cinchel - Ritual Habitat - Videos

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Cinchel has a new EP released on Feedback Loop and has reedited some of my earlier videos to use as visual scores for two of the tracks. from cinchel on Vimeo.

track2-inherit therin (the mistakes) from cinchel on Vimeo.

Cinchel and I had previously collaborated on Disorientation, a video that was installed at Hinge Gallery this past summer.

Field Mic - short documentary

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Field Mic (Documentary, 2011, 3 min) from Ani Pandit on Vimeo.

Here is a short documentary of my history as an artist that connects the dots between my early collage work to my recent paintings and interest in field recordings and sound art.
Produced by Ani Pandit.
Featuring works by Scott Ashley at Hinge Gallery,, collages, paintings and field recordings by Cole Pierce.

Field Mic Talk at IFP Producers Series

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Able and I are honored to participate in an IFP salon/discussion series next week. We will be talking about Field Mic, our approach of curating content online, and sharing some our favorite finds. Please join us.

A comprehensive four-part workshop, the Producers’ Series addresses the challenges of producing a feature film. This intensive workshop is led by experienced producers and industry professionals, and combines classroom style instruction, panel discussions, case studies and screenings.

LOCATION: The Nightingale, 1084 North Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

DATE: Wednesday, May 18th


PRICE: $10 non-members, $5 members

The IFP is pleased to launch a new salon/discussion series for media makers in the Chicagoland and Midwestern region: MEET YOUR DIGITAL PARTNERS. The goal is to bring together people from a broad array of fields related to media making, to exchange ideas and talk about developing visual and aural stories in a variety of cross-platform arenas.

With the convergence of technology, there is a lot of talk of making work that can be relevant across a multitude of platforms. Yet media makers may not know where to meet potential collaborators outside their usual circle. Stay relevant and make new connections by attending this open forum, whether you’re a game developer, filmmaker, social media producer, advertiser, audio artist, or cross-platform media maker.

Round #1 of this experiment features the following media artists:

Ian Pottmeyer graduated college prepared to be an opera singer. From there he became acomposer, then a composer of video game soundtracks. Now he creates the games themselves at Studio Cypher, a game design studio based in Bloomington, Indiana. As part of the three-man team, he takes on numerous design roles, from game to graphic to web to audio. Ian’s games are often marked by his desire to help players be as personally creative as possible. On May 18th, he’ll be giving a crash course in game design to help ensure that everyone who comes across your experience feels like they can participate and have fun.

Ben Groenevelt makes fast, robust websites for non-profits, artists, musicians as well as smallbusinesses and larger corporations. His tool of choice is Drupal, an open-source contentmanagement systems (CMS) used to build sites like the and He also, along with other open source devotees, spends his time giving back to Drupal’s open source community. He will be presenting, “What is this Drupal Thing?” giving a brief overview of what Drupal is and some of the powerful tools it provides to build dynamic, content rich web sites.

Cole Pierce is a Chicago based artist who makes paintings, video installations and audiomultiples. He earned his MFA in Art Theory & Practice from Northwestern in 2007 and has exhibited work at Antenna Gallery, Old Gold, Vega Estates, and is curating a group show at the Milwaukee Avenue Art Festival for the third consecutive year. He co-authors Field Mic, a sound art and music blog, and contributes music mixes to Headphone Commute’s podcast series. He is currently a videographer and educator at the Chicago Teachers’ Center of NEIU.

Jon Satrom is a new-media artist, educator, designer, and organizer. He performs realtime audio and video, celebrates obsolescence, and cultivates glitches. Satrom operates a production company called studiothread and teaches in the Department of Film Video New Media Animation at the School of the Art Institute. He will discuss “Strategies for Shattering Through Glowing Rectangles.” Riffing on Gene Youngblood’s Expanded Cinema (1970), Satrom will discuss new-media art’s potential to sculpt stories, transcend technologies, and remix our relationship(s) with cinema.

Able Parris is a designer, art director, and illustrator. He learned graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design before opening his own niche design studio in Providence, RI. His collage art has shown nationally, and has been published internationally. He co-authors Field Mic, a sound art and music blog, and contributes to We Love Typography, the beloved typography site that’s like an FFFFound for type-related content. Currently, he spends his days at McKinney in Durham, NC practicing design and art direction in the context of advertising.

Vote for Zombies and Vampires!

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The folks over at Headphone Commute just informed me Zombies and Vampires, the mix I put together last year and was part of HC's podcast series, is in the running for Best HC Mix of 2010! It has been played 580 times on mixcloud.

Vote for Zombies and Vampires! Best mix of 2010.

Sutro Tower Triangle Waves

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Sutro Tower Triangle Waves (2010)
Oil, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

Recently I was commissioned to make a painting according to these parameters: sized 4"x 6", the image of Sutro Tower in San Fransisco, and in the style of my triangle grid paintings. The new owner of this piece now has a collection of four renditions of Sutro Tower by different artists, each of similar size. I hope this cool project continues to grow.

GLI.TC/H at Transistor, Oct 1st

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I have a video screening during GLI.TC/H, please come to Transistor (5045 N. Clark St) on Friday Oct 1st.
The program is from 8 - 9PM, followed by performances from 9 - 11:30PM. Here is the schedule.

Video Program
8 PM, Friday Oct 1
5045 N. Clark St.
Chicago IL

GLI.TC/H is an international gathering of noise & new media practitioners in Chicago from September 29 thru October 03, 2010!

GLI.TC/H features: realtime audio & video performances with artists who misuse and abuse hardware and software; run-time video screenings of corrupt data, decayed media, and destroyed files; workshops and skill-share-sessions highlighting the wrong way to use and build tools; a gallery show examining glitches as processes, systems, and objects; all in the context of ongoing dialogues that have been fostered by experimentation, research, and play. GLI.TC/H is a physical and virtual assembly which stands testament to the energy surrounding these conversations.

Projects take the form of: artware, videos, games, films, tapes, code, interventions, prints, plugins, screen-captures, systems, websites, installations, texts, tools, lectures, essays, code, articles, & hypermedia.

GLI.TC/H-BUMPER from theodore darst on Vimeo.


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Video - Cole Pierce
Audio - Cinchel

Disorientation is manipulated found footage, which was originally an instructional film produced by the FAA concerning pilot's vertigo. Pierce found this film dubbed to VHS, and decided to use this given content to explore the idea of disorientation by way of experimental abstraction. He distorted the video through a process of applying sticky tape to the VHS tape, which removed random bits of information. After digitizing this distorted video, Pierce isolated one clip that especially blurred the line between recognizable image and abstraction. When this clip was slowed down and paired with Cinchel's ambient guitar, the pace of the distortions creates a gentle hypnotic meditation offered an alternate take on the idea of disorientation.


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Too late distracted by colepierce

textured soundscape, structure in flux, based on a collaboration with Tyler Carter. 2010
Guitar by Kendrick Shackleford, electronic manipulation by Cole Pierce. 2010

Manipulated music box samples, NYE field recording. 2010

I am currently editing a video installation, comprised of footage of an underwater video camera tied to the end of a fishing pole. These tracks will be part of the soundtrack.