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The Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois.

Added on by Cole Pierce.

YOU ARE INVITED to join us for the second installment of ASCII.
The Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois.
A group exposition & offering of audio multiples.

Thursday, August 4 -- one night only!
8:30pm - 10:30pm
954 N. Calfornia Ave.
(above the Rootstock Bar)

EC Brown, Chelsea Culp, Ben Foch, Chris Hefner, George Larson, Bruce Neal, Catie Olson, Cole Pierce, Chris Uphues

These participants have been invited to adhere to the following ASCII specifications:
An edition of artifacts shall be created, to be distributed freely, or perhaps available for barter.
Editions must involve recorded audio.
Editions must bear your insignia.
Attire shall always be elegant.
Additional rules and specifications are available here:

The attached images are prompts for this singular event, as well as the following video:

As you can all imagine

Added on by Cole Pierce.
As you can all imagine, my latest mix has been mailed to 50 of my closest friends and the mp3 version is available to download. This one is a lightweight, starts off slow easing from long form jazzy ambient, leading into the second set of chilled out jazz and dub influenced jams, including an excellent Marcie Sampson track borrowed from DJ Bylamplight over at Liquid Dilemma. The third set ends up in downtempo idm but begins with 3 disparate songs that use a similar mind melting organ melody. The mix was printed in an edition of 50 using block printing ink and a yoga mat, packaged with cropped pages from a found algebra book inside a fiberboard case. A zip file of the mix is available on, just in time for a 3 day weekend.