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The Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois.

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YOU ARE INVITED to join us for the second installment of ASCII.
The Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois.
A group exposition & offering of audio multiples.

Thursday, August 4 -- one night only!
8:30pm - 10:30pm
954 N. Calfornia Ave.
(above the Rootstock Bar)

EC Brown, Chelsea Culp, Ben Foch, Chris Hefner, George Larson, Bruce Neal, Catie Olson, Cole Pierce, Chris Uphues

These participants have been invited to adhere to the following ASCII specifications:
An edition of artifacts shall be created, to be distributed freely, or perhaps available for barter.
Editions must involve recorded audio.
Editions must bear your insignia.
Attire shall always be elegant.
Additional rules and specifications are available here:

The attached images are prompts for this singular event, as well as the following video:

Later featured on Headphone Commute Podcast

Added on by Cole Pierce.
Later, the mix cd I sent out earlier this year is featured on Headphone Commute this week. Check out the post here, which gave me a good excuse to write about the mix.

Last summer I found four tracks that embodied everything I love about ambient music. I listened to this short 17 minute set repeatedly; Machinefabriek’s guitar over a field recording of ice skaters on a frozen pond, The Humble Bee’s pleasant tones and Greg Haines’ minimal orchestra that shifts to drones, eventually breaking to pieces before transitioning to the casual, incidental tones layered over the sounds of a coffee shop created by Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello. This set of glitchy ambient music served as the impetus for the track selection and frame of the overall structure. The basic ingredients for the whole mix can be found in the subtleties mentioned in this short set in the middle of Later; which is a genre study in music emphasizing modern classical harmonies and a balance between experimental production techniques. That said, I believe a good mix is one of thoughtful variety and the rest of the tracks transition through multiple genres that can all be described as ambient. Regardless of the instruments used, the pace is gentle, repetitive, even tempered and anticlimactic. Post-rock, modern classical, sublime electronic, field recordings, and spoken word pieces are patched together to provide interesting comparisons and juxtapositions. Nils Frahm plays piano and Mokira plays electronics, yet both are inspired by a Phillip Glass type of sublime meditation. These two tracks are connected by an equally meditative interlude which is a field recording of someone talking to himself during a night hike, calmly identifying his surroundings and admiring the amount of visible stars.

Back Issue Mix CD

Added on by Cole Pierce.
I just got around to uploading 2 mix cds that I had made and given away last spring. So if you attended Vega Estates' group show last April and picked up a mix from me, this post is not for you. However if you just joined my mailing list and are enticed by the last cd I mailed out, then you should download this seamless double cd. Aquatic Music Box is a featherweight, an eclectic and quirky mix of ambient, electronic, minimal jazz and paired down soul music. Its' counterpart, Wintry Day & Night is a brooding Charles Dickens novel, full of long modern classical compositions.

Aquatic Music Box

Wintry Day & Night