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NUMBERS.FM Playlist 12.14.11

Added on by Cole Pierce.
Playlist for my NUMBERS.FM set (12.14.11 8:07 to 10:09 pm)

4 String Quartet No. 15 in E-Flat Minor Op. 144 (1974) IV- Nocturne (Adagio) Dmitri Shostakovich
Orson Welles - War of the Worlds
Rob Ellis - Music For the Home #8
Shousetsu - Radicalfashion
Das Buch der Klange (Part 1) - Hans Otte
Goats to Clear Brush - Cole Pierce
A quiet Morning arriving to the Valley - Opitope
interbellum - Elegi
Smyrneiko Minore - Marika Papagika
Harmonium Improvisation - George I. Gurdjieff
Proper Punctuation - Cole Pierce
Super Interlude Pt. 1 - Christina Vantzou
stop look listen : 68 : august 27, 2011 : dechans - Amy Martin
Igloo - Karen O & the Kids
Nue - Nils Frahm
Hike - Cinchel, T.Carter & Cole Pierce
Valla Torg Kraut - Mokira
Can’t - Northerner
Map - Mountains
Cardboard Cups - Piotr Kurek
Ijspret - Machinefabriek
Faithful Friend - The Humble Bee
On Waiting - Greg Haines & Wouter van Veldhoven
Variation 2 - Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello
Field - Autistici
Untitled Found Cassette, Audio Diary - Cole Pierce
Chimaerica - Johann Johannsson
Powoli - Jacaszek
Budeie Med Sigd - Svarte Greiner
IV. A final shaking - de Waart, Edo
Section III - Chris Schlarb
Nixon Interlude - T.Carter
You Can Have What I Take - Klumpes Ahmad
Ammunition 3 - Seaworthy
The Red River - Micah Blue Smaldone
Think - Do Make Say Think
Number 33 - Jan & Lorraine

Disquiet review of "Too Late Distracted"

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Cole Pierce refers to his track “Too Late Distracted” as a “textured electronic soundscape exploring a structure in flux,” and he goes a step further by employing the word “skittery” to qualify the effort.

The work in question is reportedly derived from a collaboration withTyler Carter, who like Pierce houses his music at the great community site Pierce is at, Carter at, and the two of them apparently can make beautiful jittery ambience (or skittery soundscapes) together.

Too late distracted by colepierce

Like many solid efforts in abstraction, the piece includes its own decoder ring. While it eventually expands into a spacious if serrated sound field, it opens with the sort of all-rough-edges effect that Pierce’s chosen adjective, “skittery,” suggests. The introduction’s distinction from the majority of the track is plainly evident in the waveform that appears in the SoundCloud player (see above); it’s the short, bottle-brush tail that wags the music’s dog.

That initial segment is all stop’n’start glitch noise, and it sets down the textural equivalent of a downbeat before Pierce ventures into more quasi-ethereal realms. While the work does achieve a certain level of cloudy haze, it’s still marked throughout by the stuttered, broken-glass vibe of its opening salvo.

Original track at More on Pierce He was previously featured on this site in mid-October of last year (

By Marc Weidenbaum

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Added on by Cole Pierce.
Too late distracted by colepierce

textured soundscape, structure in flux, based on a collaboration with Tyler Carter. 2010
Guitar by Kendrick Shackleford, electronic manipulation by Cole Pierce. 2010

Manipulated music box samples, NYE field recording. 2010

I am currently editing a video installation, comprised of footage of an underwater video camera tied to the end of a fishing pole. These tracks will be part of the soundtrack.

Willful - Mick Muttley

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Featuring an exclusive mix for Presto Samo, made by Mick Muttley of SubVersion.

"Wilful" is the culmination of open-mindedness, organisation and overdubbing. The principle was conceived from a gap in tastes. Rock The Dub's Khal once said that he found it difficult to get into ambient music. All the while his love of hip-hop remains steadfast.

"Wilful" is an attempt to merge the two into one cohesive hybrid. The "unmixed" version is the backing track, the final outcome a unique showcase of the talents of Busdriver and Mr. ShaoDow. These are Muttley's two favourite rappers. Therefore "Wilful" is both a call for accumulative appreciation, and an extension of Muttley's current mix archetypes.

Master tempo buttons enable pitch-shifting the ambiences underneath the rhymes and beats. ShaoDow and Busdriver are interviewed to dovetail with a supplmentary feature on SubVersion. Voice recordings are implemented to aid the flow of the audio file. The subjects covered extend the scope of the text copy. Together in wilfulness the objective becomes complete.

01. Boards Of Canada - Into The Rainbow Vein (from the album "The Campfire Headphase" - Warp)
02. Bibio - I'm Rewinding It... (from the album "Fi" - Mush Records)
03. ICR - Before Noon (insert) (from the album "Daytrip" - Covert Operations)
04. Aquadorsa - Daylight Fading Into Evening Silence (from the album "Cloudlands" - Glacial Movements)
05. Alva Noto - Xerrox Soma (from the album "Xerrox Vol.2" - Raster-Noton)
06. Koen Holtkamp - Walker (from the album "Field Rituals" - Type)
07. Klute - No Return (from the album "No-One's Listening Anymore" - Commercial Suicide)
08. Christopher Bissonnette - Jour Et Nuit (from the album "In Between Words" - Kranky)
09. Belong - Beeside (from the album "Colorloss Record" - St.Ives Records)
10. Murcof - Cosmos 1 (from the album "Cosmos" - Leaf)
11. Quosp - Beechwood (from the album "Soundscapes 1" - U-Cover)
12. Lopus - Luoto (from the album "Glow" - Counter Intelligence Digital)
13. Jasper TX & Anduin - Everything Disappears In A Tunnel Of Light (from the album "The Bending Of Light" - SMTG)
14. David Tagg - Picked In Air (from the album "Wind Blown Guitar" - Second Sun Recordings)
15. Rapoon - Thin Light (from the album "Time Frost" - Glacial Movements)
16. Tim Hecker - Blood Rainbow (from the album "Harmony In Ultraviolet" - Kranky)
17. Philip Dickau - Whyte Avenue (from the album "This City, And You" - CD-R)
18. Berliner Philharmoniker & Sir Simon Rattle - Streets Of Paris (from the album "Perfume: Story Of A Murderer" - EMI)
19. Lamenter - Northern Pacific (from the album "Sleeping Me" - Phantom Channel)
20. Machinefabriek - Lief (from the album "Weeler" - Lampse)
21. Deaf Center - Thread (from the album "Pale Ravine" - Type)

Mick regularly collaborates on mixtapes and curates mix exchange projects. Find my contribution to this crosspost on SubVersion.

Genre Study: Glitch Ambient

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Bin 3, Part 1 (17 min)

Ijspret 1              2:26 Machinefabriek
Faithful Friend 4:02 The Humble Bee
On Waiting        8:44 Greg Haines & Wouter van Veldhoven
Variation 2        5:09 Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello


This is what I refer to as crafty ambient music, because it is obvious that instrumental craftmanship is emphasized just as much as production techniques. Aligned more with glitch, this ambient music does not rely on spacial harmonics and extremely long tones but focuses on specific textures; balancing field recordings, post production noodling and instrumental works into a carefully composed harmony. 

As you can all imagine

Added on by Cole Pierce.
As you can all imagine, my latest mix has been mailed to 50 of my closest friends and the mp3 version is available to download. This one is a lightweight, starts off slow easing from long form jazzy ambient, leading into the second set of chilled out jazz and dub influenced jams, including an excellent Marcie Sampson track borrowed from DJ Bylamplight over at Liquid Dilemma. The third set ends up in downtempo idm but begins with 3 disparate songs that use a similar mind melting organ melody. The mix was printed in an edition of 50 using block printing ink and a yoga mat, packaged with cropped pages from a found algebra book inside a fiberboard case. A zip file of the mix is available on, just in time for a 3 day weekend.

Ames Room Mix CD

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Modern Classical Ambient Mix

Ames Room

Part 1
Untitled Found Cassette, Audio Diary Cole Pierce
Chimaerica - Johann Johannsson - Fordlandia
Powoli - Jacaszek - Treny
Budeie Med Sigd - Svarte Greiner - Til Seters
IV. A final shaking - de Waart, Edo - Shaker Loops
Section III - Chris Schlarb - Twilight & Ghost Stories

Part 2
Tendrils In Vigne - Gregg Kowalsky - Tendrils In Vigne
Death and Possible Dreams - Roam The Hello Clouds - Near Misses
Au Clair de la Lune--French folk song (1860 Phonautogram) Phonautogram by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville Recorded on April 9, 1860: 1861 Deposit, Académie des Sciences (No. 324), Number 5
Reversed Flames - Tape - Mort Aux Vaches
Untitled Found Tape, Answering Machine Messages - Cole Pierce
Uusi Aamu - Hannu - Worms in my Piano
Disconnected - Twine - Violets

Part 3
1 - CoH - Super Suprematism
On A Desolate Shore A Shadow Passes By - FENNESZ - On A Desolate Shore A Shadow Passes By
Make Haste - Koen Holtkamp - Make Haste
i auzi, mandra, pitigoiul (1951) - elena constantinescu - Michael May Mix 000
Clear Music - Nico Muhly - speaks volumes

ps (wikipedia)

An Ames room is a distorted room that is used to create an optical illusion. Probably influenced by the writings of Hermann Helmholtz, it was invented by American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1934, and constructed in the following year.

An Ames room is constructed so that from the front it appears to be an ordinary cubic-shaped room, with a back wall and two side walls parallel to each other and perpendicular to the horizontally level floor and ceiling. However, this is a trick of perspective and the true shape of the room is trapezoidal: the walls are slanted and the ceiling and floor are at an incline, and the right corner is much closer to the front-positioned observer than the left corner (or vice versa).

As a result of the optical illusion, a person standing in one corner appears to the observer to be a giant, while a person standing in the other corner appears to be a dwarf. The illusion is convincing enough that a person walking back and forth from the left corner to the right corner appears to grow or shrink.

Studies have shown that the illusion can be created without using walls and a ceiling; it is sufficient to create an apparent horizon (which in reality will not be horizontal) against an appropriate background, and the eye relies on the apparent relative height of an object above that horizon.