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Rest Note Sleep Jump 1

Rest Note Sleep Jump 2

Rest Note Sleep Jump 3 (Balance Check)

These are really new, not sure how I feel about them yet but that could be a good sign. I needed a process that was quick and fluid after working on those triangle paintings. I definitely want to try this on a larger scale. The text - Rest Note, Sleep Jump, and Balance Check have been stuck in my head for a while. I did a series of paintings using images of rest notes in 2007. Balance Check is a name of a mixed cd, which came to me as I was watching an olympic gymnast doing a balance beam routine a few years ago. And I've been fascinated with the sleep jump when I heard it mentioned in a Radiolab episode. Not having a real plan in place, I decided to make templates and started looking around for the right font. After consulting Able Parris (who loves typography) I decided to run with blaktur, because I thought it might be funny to make some dry conceptual paintings in the style of a rock poster. Then that idea seemed silly and I ended up mashing everything together, using thin coats of spray paint and the text templates in several layers. These layers were on top old painting experiments, so there is a lot of subtle texture not to mention the remnants of a floppy disc.


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Too late distracted by colepierce

textured soundscape, structure in flux, based on a collaboration with Tyler Carter. 2010
Guitar by Kendrick Shackleford, electronic manipulation by Cole Pierce. 2010

Manipulated music box samples, NYE field recording. 2010

I am currently editing a video installation, comprised of footage of an underwater video camera tied to the end of a fishing pole. These tracks will be part of the soundtrack.